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  • 29 Feb 2024 8:37 PM | Bob Parke (Administrator)

    At this time the PFYC currently has no docks for lease.  The Club has not renewed its bulk leasing agreement with the Municipality of Lambton Shores due to the 80% dredging surcharge for the 2024 season with only a five-week timeframe to address the situation by March 15th

    The Club executive is currently reviewing plans and options for moving forward, which will be presented to the Club membership at the next General Meeting.

  • 11 Feb 2024 2:28 PM | George Lunick

    On Thursday February 8th ,the PFYC received a letter and at the same time the other dockers in Port Franks Marina received the same letter directly, stating that an 80% dredging surcharge will be applied on top of the current publicly posted Lambton shore website  rate of $83.85 per foot plus HST. The surcharge is being applied to all 70 Port Franks Marina slips for the 2024 boating season. 

    The Surcharge is intended to pay for ongoing dredging maintenance of the waterways around the Port Franks Marina and other areas in Port Franks and to pay the new disposal costs for the material dug out during the dredging process, as required under the new regulations brought in last year. 

    The PFYC was not asked for, nor had any input into, or notice that this 80% surcharge was going to be applied to the 70 Marina slips starting the 2024 boating season.

    Commodore George Lunick

  • 30 Jul 2023 10:04 PM | Bob Parke (Administrator)

    Community notice: reports of dead fish in Port Franks area

    Posted Sunday, July 30, 2023

    The Municipality of Lambton Shores is aware that a number of dead fish have been reported in the Port Franks area, with reports in the Ausable River and along Port Franks Beach. Municipal officials have been in contact with the Coast Guard, Spills Action Centre, and the Province's Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks.

    Agency officials continue to investigate the cause. The municipality will share more information if it becomes available.

    Port Franks residents, boaters and visitors are reminded that Lambton Public Health does not conduct regular water sampling or water quality testing in Port Franks. Swimming, however, is not recommended following heavy rainfalls due to the potential of increased bacteria levels.

  • 05 May 2023 9:36 AM | Bob Parke (Administrator)

    Meeting with Lambton Shores

    On April 26, 2023, the Port Franks Harbour Committee met with Lambton Shores.  Those in attendance were Bob Parke and Brian Hartwick from PFHC, CAO Steve McAuley and Ashley Farr from Lambton Shores, and Councilor Lori Scott.  The purpose of the meeting was to establish communications between the PFHC and Lambton Shores.

    The communications protocols were established. The meeting reviewed the short term and long term objective identified by the committee.  Each point was discussed as to its feasibility and benefits to the Port Franks waterways.  Also discussed was the process of bringing forward community suggestions and concerns for discussion and resolution.

    It was learned that there is a No Prop Washing blackout for 6 weeks starting June 1st.

    First action item considered from the PFHC objectives is the posting of signs that say “Welcometo Port Franks / No Wake and Speed 10km”, with a QR Code to the Lambton Shores website listing the current harbor conditions and other relevant information.  Suggested sign locations will be Harbor entrance, Emergency dock, and Port Franks Marina Launch ramp.  The sign template will be available for other marine facilities produce and post. 

    No swimming signs for the harbor entrance were discussed

    Second action item will be the installation of proper Navigational markers / aids from the Harbor Entrance to just past the Port Franks Marina Launch ramp.  The committee will be supplying a layout for their proper color and locations..

    It was agreed the PFHC and Lambton Shores will maintain a working relationship for the benefit and improvement of Port Franks.

    The PFHC will be posting the weekly Harbor conditions chart to its website.  It can be posted to other sites, so everyone is informed.


    Port Franks Harbour Committee.

  • 21 Mar 2023 9:52 AM | Bob Parke (Administrator)

    The Franks Harbour Committee presented at the March 14th Lambton Shores Council meeting. The presentation showed the research and observations the PFHC has made with regards to the environment and waterways of Port Franks. The PFHC also offered to be a resource for the Lambton Shores staff and Council, and was recognized by the Council as a formal committee. We were encouraged by the quality of questions asked by the Councilors at the end of the presentation, and plan to review the presentation and feedback at our next committee meeting to plan our next steps. 

    If you have any feedback, please  For regular updates, please follow our Facebook Page and the Port Franks Yacht Club Blog

  • 24 Feb 2023 9:51 AM | Bob Parke (Administrator)

    The Port Franks Harbour Committee (PFHC) is a group of like-minded individuals representing the multifaceted sectors that make up our riverfront community.   It is our goal to promote the safety and navigability of the Ausable River and harbour channel, by providing guidance and cooperation to our Municipality and operators of the Northside. We have been in contact with numerous members of Lambton Shores Council, and have gained a better understanding of what is presently in place and how things work. 

    The PFHC will be presenting at the next Council Meeting in March, as we were not able to get onto the speaker roster for the February meeting.  Our goal is to be a recognized committee in cooperation with Lambton Shores Council, so that we can provide guidance and suggestions pertaining to the channel dredging, marking of the channel and riverfront, and overall navigability and safety of the harbour. 

    We have been monitoring the river mouth the past number of weeks; the channel appears to have gone back to its former course, following the mouth of the river with a slight turn to the North.  The channel, which was very narrow last year, no longer runs tight to the steel seawall on the South side and does not appear to turn sharply to the North in front of Chicken Island. We are cautiously optimistic that the channel will naturally be more navigable this year, and proactively maintained throughout the season.

    The PFHC recently circulated a petition regarding the licensing of the Northside for use in Grand Bend. We are humbled by the outpouring of support from the community; in under 24 hours, the petition obtained over 400 signatures and 7500 views!  After speaking with the present operators of the Northside, we decided to close the petition. It is our understanding that the Northside would only travel to Grand Bend for short periods of time, as mooring space for a vessel of that size is not available. During these times, the smaller dredging boat (Motoi) would be stationed in Port Franks. These discussions are still ongoing, and we will keep the community informed of any new information.

    We thank everyone in the community for their support, and will keep you updated with any relevant information. For any questions, concerns, or inquiries, please email us at

    Best regards,

    The PFHC

  • 20 Feb 2023 12:37 PM | Bob Parke (Administrator)

    The Port Franks Harbour Committee met on February 18/23. The PFHC Committee has developed a handout that will be distributed by electronic means to all the associations of Port Franks, plus hardcopies to the Library, and the commercial venues in the Port Franks area.  The committee is in the process of developing a Facebook page for posting updates as well as the PFYC Blog.  The PFHC is looking at the possibility of more Navigational and No Wake Buoys in the river to improve safety and to reduce the effect of boat wakes on the shoreline environment.  The PFHC will be making a presentation to the Lambton Shores Council on March 14th.  Watch for a News Release this week.

    Next meeting will be March 11/23

  • 10 Feb 2023 10:38 AM | Bob Parke (Administrator)

    The Port Franks Harbour Committee was presented with some new information regarding the Northside, and has decided to close the petition.

    The PFHC Committee will present more information as it comes in and are humbled by the outpouring of support from the community. For further inquiries, please email 

    Thank you all for your support!

  • 07 Feb 2023 10:38 AM | Bob Parke (Administrator)

    The Port Franks Harbour committee met on February 04/23.  The committee reviewed the short, and long term objectives.  Each of the members has taken on the responsibility to follow-up on an objective and gather the necessary information so informed recommendations can be made.  Waterway safety and navigational aids, dredging, maintenance of the river and harbor entrance.  Additional funding sources were discussed and are being investigated.  A handout is being developed outlining the Port Franks Harbour Committee objectives. 

    Next meeting will be February 18/23.

  • 22 Jan 2023 7:41 PM | Bob Parke (Administrator)

    The Port Franks Harbour committee held its first meeting January 21/23.  This was an organizational meeting to develop a business plan.  The committee members area representation was defined.  A Mission statement developed and approved.  A Communications plan was developed.  Waterway safety and navigation, maintenance of the river and harbor entrance, and dredging was discussed.  Additional funding sources were discussed.

    For the whole community to be updated, we will be posting a brief update after every meeting in the Blog on the front page of Port Franks Yacht Club.

    Committee Members:

    Chair – Bob Parke -                Port Franks Yacht Club

    Co Chair – Brian Hartwick –    Richmond Park, Huron Sands,     Mud Creek

    Gary Hubley –                        Marine Services

    Veronica Brennan –                Tourism, Small Businesses

    Marina Kraft –                        Upper River

    Brittany Smith –                     Lower River

    Ted Grant –                            Windsor Park

    Peggy Bloomfield –                 Armstrong East & West

    Lori Scott -                             Lambton Shores Councilor

    Karen Caughy –                      Recording Secretary

    Next - Port Franks Harbour Committee Meeting - February 4/23 @10AM

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