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Port Franks Harbour Committee meeting with Lambton Shores

05 May 2023 9:36 AM | Bob Parke (Administrator)

Meeting with Lambton Shores

On April 26, 2023, the Port Franks Harbour Committee met with Lambton Shores.  Those in attendance were Bob Parke and Brian Hartwick from PFHC, CAO Steve McAuley and Ashley Farr from Lambton Shores, and Councilor Lori Scott.  The purpose of the meeting was to establish communications between the PFHC and Lambton Shores.

The communications protocols were established. The meeting reviewed the short term and long term objective identified by the committee.  Each point was discussed as to its feasibility and benefits to the Port Franks waterways.  Also discussed was the process of bringing forward community suggestions and concerns for discussion and resolution.

It was learned that there is a No Prop Washing blackout for 6 weeks starting June 1st.

First action item considered from the PFHC objectives is the posting of signs that say “Welcometo Port Franks / No Wake and Speed 10km”, with a QR Code to the Lambton Shores website listing the current harbor conditions and other relevant information.  Suggested sign locations will be Harbor entrance, Emergency dock, and Port Franks Marina Launch ramp.  The sign template will be available for other marine facilities produce and post. 

No swimming signs for the harbor entrance were discussed

Second action item will be the installation of proper Navigational markers / aids from the Harbor Entrance to just past the Port Franks Marina Launch ramp.  The committee will be supplying a layout for their proper color and locations..

It was agreed the PFHC and Lambton Shores will maintain a working relationship for the benefit and improvement of Port Franks.

The PFHC will be posting the weekly Harbor conditions chart to its website.  It can be posted to other sites, so everyone is informed.


Port Franks Harbour Committee.

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