Lat 43° 13" 60' Long 81° 54" 21'Port Franks
Ontario, Canada 
Port Franks, Ontario Canada
 Lat 43' 14'03'' Long 81' 53'44''

2023 PFYC Executive

Commodore:  George Lunick

Past Commodore:  Glen Van Valkenburg

Vice-Commodore:  Jim Dorman

Treasurer:  Bob Parke

Secretary:  Karen Caughy

Dockmaster:  Stuart Melanson

Directors:   Les Anderson, Herman Schollaert,  Ted Peters, John McClennan, Jim Anderson



Past Commodores:


 2017-2022: Glen Van Valkenburg 

2011-16: Jim Anderson


2009-11: Gerry Muller


2008:Jud Lee


2007:Joe Ansems


2003-06:Bob Parke


2001-02:Stuart Melanson


2000:Dean Pulford


1999:Art Lake


1998:Ted Soan


1996-97:Doug MacLaine


1994-95:Greta Soan


1992-93:Rick Witherspoon


1991:Larry Root


1988-90:Sid Floyd


1987:R.C. Albini


1985-86:G.W. Weese


1985:R.G. Slatter


1984:R.G. Rumming


1983:E.E. Scuton

Executive Responsibilities:

All positions held by the PFYC Executive Board are volunteer assignments that have been designated through an annual election process.  The time and dedication given by all of the elected executives - past, present and future - i
s greatly appreciated and integral to the success of the organization.

The Commodore presides at all meetings of the general membership and the Board of Directors and is also responsible for
the general management and operations of the club. 

Past Commodore:
The Past Commodore holds a senior level within the executive, providing guidance and assistance to the Board and
club members.
  Responsibilities are varied and may be numerous. 

The Vice-Commodore assists the Commodore with general club responsibilities and organization as required.  In the absence
or inability of the Commodore, the Vice-Commodore shall act as the Commodore.

The Treasurer is responsible for preparing and monitoring financial records, statements, budgets and reports.  In addition,
he/she is required to record receipts and disbursements; collect and deposit funds obtained from membership dues,
and events.

The Secretary attends all club meetings and records and distributes the minutes. In addition to coordinating all
correspondence to the members and the public, he/she makes necessary preparations for meetings and events.

The Dockmaster manages the allocation, management and maintenance of the North Side slipsHe assists in collecting
dockage fees and communicates regularly with docking members.

Technology Specialist:
The Technology Specialist oversees the website management, webcam operations and all other technical aspects required for
club operations.

The Directors assume various responsibilities including organizing club cruises; organizing and managing club events;
maintaining membership directories; assisting with channel marker maintenance, installation and removal.  In addition,
the directors are club ambassadors who promote the club to others and insure membership expectations are met.

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